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Dropzone Commander: The Post-Human Republic

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Oct 2 2014
Faction discussion for Dropzone Commander continues today, with the Post-Human Republic(PHR) making their appearance in the spotlight. The Sphere knows best!
Having covered the main protagonist (UCM) and antagonist (Scourge) in the Dropzone universe, today we shift to one of the other factions vying for supremacy in the not-too-distant future. The Post-Human Republic is comprised of the humans that left Earth before the Scourge attacks began. Those final moments of a united humanity led to a tense firefight that left both factions with bitter memories of their foes. When the cybernetic-enhanced PHR showed up before the Reconquest to speak with the leaders of humanity, these old wounds were opened anew.
The UCM and the PHR have an intense dislike for each other in the story, a dislike that seems to be ever on the brink of all-out war. The PHR are now an active force throughout the galaxy, seeking alliances with many who are considered foes to the UCM. Their ultimate agenda remains shrouded in mystery, but the UCM is left with the bitter memory of what the “Abandonists” did at Earth.
PHR Walkers are some of the toughest units in the game!
The Post-Human Republic has a very distinctive way of war, made unique by their insane amounts of firepower and plodding pace. Add to this resilience, and the PHR create a very difficult nut to crack in open combat. However, their speed is a big downside, meaning that they will rarely choose the timing of an engagement. Nowhere are these points better illustrated than in the PHR Walkers.
These units are hard as nails and pack tremendous firepower, meaning that they can survive incoming ordnance and then dish it back to their assailants. The Type-1 Walkers fit the bill for this statement, but the Type-2 Walkers really shine in the resiliency department. With multiple Damage Points and a Passive Countermeasures Save, they are a real nightmare to destroy.
Despite these advantages, the Walkers must be placed where they can best influence the battle, because they won’t be winning any races. Given this slow speed, it is important that they quickly maneuver to a position that takes advantage of their firepower. Second-guessing and trying to reposition them will only lead to them being left out of the game altogether.
The mighty Poseidon. Try to kill it, I dare you…
Carrying on with the PHR resilience, the Dropships are a nasty target to try and bring down. They are slower than other faction equivalents, but they can survive far more damage and still deliver their cargo to bring the hurt. At Armor 6 they are some of the toughest aircraft in the game.
Their speed is still a limiting factor, and something that a good PHR player must always keep in mind. While a few inches here and there doesn’t seem like much, it really adds up by the end of the game, giving the enemy a distinct advantage in maneuver.
Use the faction’s resiliency to get your units into hot spots and force issues, and you can’t go far wrong. Just never fall into a trap by believing their Dropships are invincible; they are far from it!
Immortals. That pretty much says it all.
The UCM and the Scourge have very standard infantry. They have their special gear and rules, but for the most part they simply get the job done and get out. This isn’t always so with the PHR. Their infantry are much more resilient than their UCM equivalents, but they come with a higher price tag. However, their weaponry is significantly better as well.
The Longreach Rifle is carried by one man in each squad, and provides an Energy 7 Sniper shot from each stand of guys. This means that they have a good option for picking off enemies in distant buildings, further dissuading their opponents from coming to the walls to fight. Given that they will usually be outnumbered, this is a good thing. Though they may be more resilient than Legionnaires and Warrior Hordes, they are still just men on a very dangerous battlefield!
The PHR reward a player who appreciates good resiliency and blistering firepower. They are excellent at winning wars of attrition. However, they must follow a detailed plan to get full mileage from their advantages. Otherwise, you will be the lord of a smoking table, while your opponent runs off with all the objectives!
Has anyone here followed the Sphere into the unknown? What has worked well for you as a PHR player, and what would you avoid? Let us know in the comments below!

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