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End Times: Prideful Elves & The Empire Smashed?!

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Oct 21 2014

It looks like Nurgle and Nagash are going to rip the Old World to pieces.  Here’s the latest word on what’s coming!

Notes on End Times II-III:

– Apparently Altdorf (capitol of The Empire) falls!

– Something very bad happens to the Elves… (probably deserved)
via Warseer’s Sexiest_Hero 10-20-2014

A lot of people are gonna be mad when the elf book hits, fluff wise I think.

Mildly irritated. I think a lot of people get caught up in the Noble High elf them when in truth it’s more petty high school drama. Look for their pride arrogance and lust to be their downfall. Arrogance most of all.

I hear a little bit from a fluff fairy. …People have a romanticized view of high elves, as good or noble. They are a force of Order. The elves will not save the day with another great Vortex. Things will get as bad for their island and the Empire Woodelves and Britonia. You already see the petty things they have done in the first book. Well you haven’t seen petty yet.

If Altdorf falls, that’s the end of the greatest center of learning, and technology in the human kingdoms, not to mention the political heart of The Empire.  I would not be surprised in the least to see a 9th Edition book combining Empire and Bretonnia as the allied kingdoms of men.

So just how arrogant are we going to see the Elves get?  I’m thinking Skaven/Chaos rise up and invade Ulthuan while the Elven leaders pout and let their home be devastated out of pride and hubris.

~ Let’s assume that we get a giant model for each End Times book. Nagash, Glottkin, (Khaine-maybe).  So what Nagash-sized giant kit would the Skaven get?

  • BREAKING! Glotkin Spotted!