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Hamonculus Covens: Preview by Black Library

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Oct 7 2014

Black Library shows off a lot of detail on the first Dark Eldar Supplement:

Haemonculus Covens – A Codex: Dark Eldar Supplement

Stalking out of the labyrinthine depths of the Dark City, the Haemonculus Covens are twisted syndicates of pitiless torturers and demented flesh-crafters. Capable of fathomless evil, the Haemonculi are the very personification of the Dark Eldar’s hedonistic excesses, turning surgical slaughter into a delightfully sadistic art form. Driven by an insatiable appetite for pain and suffering, they experiment upon their captives with relentless zeal, creating unholy monsters and unnatural abominations. When the Grotesqueries of the Haemonculus Covens descend upon a world, they bring with them an endless night of blood and madness from which nothing can escape.

Haemonculus Covens – A Codex: Dark Eldar Supplement details the dark and terrifying history of the Haemonculus Covens and their myriad monstrous servants. Inside you will find rules for use with your Dark Eldar collection, enabling you to field a Haemonculus Coven in your games of Warhammer 40,000, including new Warlord Traits, powerful artefacts and army special rules. Also included is a collection of new missions – including Altar of War and Echoes of War missions – dedicated to the Haemonculus Covens, their horrifying tactics and dark experiments.

Expected Release: 11 October 2014
Publisher: Games Workshop
Print Length: 136 Pages


~That topmost piece of art is fantastic!

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