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Maggoth Lords: The Movie by GW

Oct 19 2014

GW shows off their new Endtimes Chaos models – Three new Nurgle Lords atop disgusting Maggoths that only Nurgle could love!  Don’t miss these closeups.

Ohh, look at that cinematography.  The depth of field, the pans, the closeups.  Someone at GW is having a great time with their camera.

These things are really, really different from anything we have seen out of GW before.  The Maggoth kit has a bunch of optional parts like the earlier Dread Abyssals to make the various versions, and the 3 Nurgle lords are quite divergent.  The overall model does seem a little tall, thin and left-right symmetrical for a Nurgle creature.  Some of the various forward arm positions on the Maggoths seem to have quite deep joint creases giving them an “action figure” feel rather than a model, but it only appears on some of the variants.  I’m still not sold on the rider’s leg positions, which look awkward.

In any case, you can bet you’ll see a lot of these converted for use in the Grimdark and leading Chaos Marine forces.

~Have at it.

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