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Outside the Box 10-11-14

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Oct 10 2014

Hello, I returned from my recent adventures to bring you a new issue of Outside the Box with all the goodness of not one, but two weeks – Enjoy!

Spartan Games 
New previews for Planetfall have been published:

Cool Mini or Not
More Rum&Bones and Wrath of Kings previews have been published:

This week the Plague Zombies have been released:

A new wave of Malifaux releases and the first books for the Through the Breach RPG have been released:

-> More Wyrd Miniatures News


These are some of the Relic Knight releases for November and December:

A new wave of Infinity miniatures is available:

-> More Infinity News

Mierce Minatures 
More previews of upcoming Darklands releases:

Victoria Miniatures  
New heavy weapons and fitting crews are available from Victoria Miniatures:

Zenit Miniatures 
Zenit Miniatures added new miniatures to the Kensei range:

Dream Pod 9  
The Camel truck is now available as a single pack:
Secret Weapon Miniatures 
The “Tomb of the Dark Sun Dungeon Tiles” are a new cooperation between Secret Weapon Miniatures and Dark Art Miniatures:

More pre-releases for the SPIEL2014 show have been unveiled:

-> More Freebooter Miniatures News

Puppetswar added new specialists sets to their Troopers range:

The last miniature for wave 20 is Shuichi for the Prefecture of Ryu:


Warlord Games 
New stuff for Bolt Action including new Errata and rules for additional units and a lot more’s coming from Warlord Games this week:

Taban Miniatures  
Here is a painted version of Sister Clara:

AntiMatter Games
AntiMatter Games presents a new preview of the Draconid Royal Guard:

And  Warmill published a new preview of their Heavy Industries range:

And of course a lot new Kickstarter campaigns: 

Harwood Hobbies – Next Wave of Wargaming Miniatures
Dark Gate – SciFi Barricades
Strange Aeons – 2nd Edition
Impact! Miniatures – Earthdawn RPG Fantasy Miniatures
Miniature Building Authority – Castle Kickstarter
Wargames Bakery – BASIUS 2 The Deluxe 3D Dungeon Tile & Base Texture Syste
Zealot Miniatures – Twisting Catacombs Miniature Dungeon Scenery
Anvil Industry – AFTERLIFE : The Shards of Liberty 

Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

I love the new Afterlife Kickstarter!

Tabletop Fix
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