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The Top 10 Insufferable Asses of the Warhammer Universe

Oct 15 2014

You know em and you hate em.  Here’s the ten top characters you want to see get their comeuppance!

Lucius the Eternal – Can a Necron Scarab please kill him so he comes back as a perverted toaster?

Sigvald the Magnificent – Someone really needs to knock his golden ass right into the mud.

Trazyn the Infinite – He’s on the list just for his pompous letters.
Herman Von Strab – Traitor Governor of Armageddon, “the greatest waste of flesh and bone born in the last five hundred years.” Indeed…

Marius Leitdorf – Elector count of Averland, started a war with Bretonnia by insulting a noble’s wife.  Stay classy Marius!

Asdrubael Vect – Everyone hates the smartest guy in the room – and he knows it… VOTE MALYS!

Inquisitor Karamazov – If anyone needs to be “accidentally” immolated by the Sororitas…
Malekith – The pettiness, the mommy issues.  Can Malus Darkblade just shiv him and get it over with?
Lorgar – “LORGAR YOU WORM!” pretty much sums it up.

Erebus – It takes a special kind of jerk to make Lorgar look good by comparison! When even Kharn wants you dead…

~Who’d we miss?

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