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WFB/40K BREAKING: More Glottkin Spotted and the Hint of Next Week!

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Oct 22 2014

Nurgle’s Emissary is ENORMOUS & one one reader has a firsthand report from the next White Dwarf!

via Warseer’s Arthusius11 & imgur 10-22-2014

Glotkin latest and WD details:

MajorWesJansen says:

Glotkin is indeed 2 books in a slipcase, like Nagash. Looked a tad thinner, like both books were about the same thickness. IIRC Nagash the fluff book is a lot thicker than the rules book.

Pair of characters ride it, one combat that looks like the armored guy with the half horn head from the maggot beasts, the other is a more ragged looking caster type. Both named Glott. Model is on a much larger base than the maggotlords, probably the 150 by 100. Top of beast part of glottkin is about level with the top of the magot lord riders head, with riders and some horns makin it even taller. Not stompa sized, but I’d say somewhere between the orkanaut and imperial knight. My favorite part is the little nurgling on the base that looks like a mini-glottkin mount, with 1 squggly arm and 1 spike arm. 

No rules for glottkin included (likely because the book is released at the same time) but a battle report on fall of altdorf on a big table.

Coming next week mentions respirators, so no clue what that is about. Spent most my time looking at the 2 nice new 40K bundles.

Next week’s hint involves “Respirators”?  What on Holy Terra do you think that means?

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