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End Times: Khaine – A Tale of three Armylists

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Nov 25 2014

Even I had no idea GW would shake up the Elves THIS MUCH.  Take a look at these armylists!

They say that reading between the lines, an astute reader can see all manner of information not obvious on the page at first glance.

So we know that a monster civil war that will end the feuding of the Elves once and for all occurs in End Times Khaine.

By the pattern of the previous End Times books, we can safely expect a big deathtoll as well as well as unexpected plot twists and shifting allegiances (because … tricksy elves).


Take a very close look at these three armylists that have been doing the  rounds today and get your detective hat on.

pics via

First it would appear the Aestyrion and the Phoenix King are the two feuding sides in the civil war:

And the Eternity King list are the survivors. There are a lot of missing people on this list…

Who do you think the winners and losers are, and can this list take on Nagash and Archeon’s Uber-army lists?


Author: Larry Vela
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