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Top 10 New Rules – Imperial Armor 13

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Nov 05

Chaos just leveled up with the new IA 13: War Machines of the Lost and the Damned. The meta is changed!

The new book just released from Forge World in a regular hard cover format on Halloween, and if you play Chaos in any form in 40k, this book is for you. Here’s my top 10 rules picks from the new book!

10.) Typhon Seige Tank – Ported over to Chaos for 40k finally, this big boy is not only a Super Heavy tank, but it gets +1 to it’s Thunderblitz attacks as well. That means 33% of the time it will just straight explodes whatever it rammed outright. It’s real strength seems to be it’s 5 hull points and 7″ Massive Blast strength 10 AP1 Ignore cover shot that pulverizes mostly everything including pesky Eldar Skimmers.

9.) Ferrum (MK V) Infernus Chaos Dreadnought – This old favorite has a new 25 point Lord of the Long War upgrade that lets you roll on a chart should the vehicle suffer an explodes result. On a 1-2 the crazed pilot is transformed into a ravening Chaos Spawn. Roll a 3-4 and you can force your opponent to re-roll the Explodes result (Similar to the Venerable Upgrade for Loyalist dreadnoughts). However should you roll a 5-6 the pilot is transformed into a Daemon Prince model per the Dark Apotheosis result in the Chaos Space Marine codex!


8.) Chaos Spartan Assault Tank – Now flavored in Chaos, the Spartan can actually benefit from its cavernous transport capacity as Chaos can field HUGE squads of Terminators, Marines, and of course Zombies of various types. Add in the ability to take Dirge Casters to ward off Overwatch and the assault launcher upgrade, the Chaos Spartan may be more fearsome in 40k than it’s loyalist counterpart.

7.) Malefic Ammunition Special Rule – Similar to the Grey Knights old Psybolt ammunition upgrade, some vehicles allow you to upgrade their bolt weapons with the Rending special rule.

5.) Infernal Relic Special Rule – Similar to the loyalist Astartes rules for having a Master of the Forge in an army list fielding two or more Relics, the Infernal Relic rule requires certain units called Technomancers to be part of an Chaos army that fields them. It’s really just a label given to Abaddon, Warpsmiths, and Sorcerers with Malefic discipline from Daemonology so make sure to include one of them in any list with two or more Infernal Relics.


4.) Infernal Relic Sicaran Battle Tank – A phenomenal all around tank, this battle tank brings an excellent ignore cover option to the Legions of Chaos with its main armament.  Upgrade it’s Heavy Bolters with Malefic Ammunition and the Sicaran becomes a Rending machine!


3.) Infernal Relic Achilles – Another port over into the Chaos armory from the loyalists, this bad boy gets better the more damage it takes.  It’s Quad Mortar gets +1 Strength and -1 AP for every Hull Points it suffers. Plus not only does it cause Pinning (a semi-rarity in 7th Edition) it causes it at -1 Leadership!  It also still carries 6 models still, and has the Armored Ceremite upgrade standard.

2.) Hell Blade – This super sleek flyer has been around almost as long as Forge World has, however it finally got some rules that may cause it to see more play in 7th Edition! This aerial hunter can upgrade it’s two Autocannons to be Heavy 3, Twin Linked, Rending for only 15 points.  It also gets a 5+ Invulnerable save and has the ability to do a barrel roll and re-position itself d6+2 in any direction before it moves, but has to maintain its current facing. The Hell Blade can target one enemy Flyer or Flying Monstrous creature at the start of the game. It can re-roll all rolls of 1 on Armor Penetration and to wound rolls against the chosen model. PEW, PEW!


1.) Legacies of Ruin – Similar to the Legacies of Glory for the Loyalists in IA2, these upgrades are a great way to upgrade the vehicles in this book to have new life, or perhaps grant an army wide boon. Available to both regular and Super Heavy Vehicles, there are some great upgrades to be had.  Some of the ones to pay attention to are the Malestrom Rider (Outflank and Fear), and the Perdus Rift Anomaly (force opponents to re-roll attempts to seize and Preferred Enemy:Tau). Some of you might have also heard that there is also a whole army list included in IA13 as well.


The new Renegades and Heretics list takes the flavor of the old Lost and the Damned lists from the Storm of Chaos book, and gives them some Forge World flair! I didn’t include them in my Top 10 because I think the army’s rules would need a whole separate section unto itself.

So check back for that soon! 


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