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30K: New Super Heavy Tank Pics

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Dec 20 2014

Forgeworld never seems to run out of Super Heavy ideas, and this one is an oldie but a goodie!
Harking back to the old Codex Titanicus from 1992, it looks like we’ll be getting a kit for the rare Stormhammer Baneblade variant in the near future.


EPIC Stormhammer (circa 1992)

According to the 40k Wiki: The Stormhammer is a super-heavy tank of the Imperial Guard and is the rarest variant of the Baneblade super-heavy tank. The Stormhammer is one of the most powerful tanks ever deployed by the Imperium in terms of its pure firepower on the battlefield, and it is believed to be the most heavily armed tank currently used by the Imperium of Man‘s armed forces during the 41st Millennium. As a result, the Stormhammer is the rarest of the Baneblade tank variants in use by the Imperial Guard, or any other Imperial faction.

Checkout the preview pic below for Horus Heresy Book 4: Conquest, there is a ton of cool stuff here, look close!  Courtesy of  Forge the Narrative

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