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40K Advent Day 24: Malcador’s Mystery & Something to Fight Over

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Dec 24 2014
Warhammer 40K

The Night Haunter has been up to no good, and a big set of mission objectives arrive!

The Watcher (mp3) $9.99

A shuttle returns to the Solar System bearing the sole survivor of a traitor attack – however, delirious and so close to death, his tale remains untold. Ison of the Knights Errant, formerly a Librarian of his Legion, delves into the mind of the warrior, and the truth of it will chill him to the core…

The Space Wolves once fancied themselves guardians over all Legions. Find out what happened to those sent to watch over the Night Haunter. Suffice to say, the Lord of the XIII Legion does not take well to guard dogs…”

Objective identified, moving to secure… 

Amid the madness of battle, priorities can change by the second as commanders struggle to second-guess one another’s plans and manoeuvre to defeat them. On the ground, warriors advance to seize crucial objectives, switch fire-priorities to bring down vital targets, and bellow orders into their comms as they fight to claim victory amid the shifting tides of battle.
Data Reference
An e-pub version of the full tactical objectives deck, this product is an excellent reference tool for any Warhammer 40,000 player, detailing the tactical objectives used in Maelstrom of War missions.”

~ You just know whatever happened to those Space Wolves – it’s gonna be bad.


Author: Larry Vela
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