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40K Advent Day 6: Yarrick and Blood Angels OH MY!

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Dec 6 2014

A Young Commissar Yarrick and an Old wisened Blood Angels Captain…

Yarrick:Concordant by David Annandale $3.99

“Returning to his master after secondment to the Armageddon 252nd regiment on Mistral, the young Commissar Sebastian Yarrick is drawn into a Chaos plot on Aighe Mortis. Contagion is spreading throughout the populace and the Inquisition require someone with experience of fighting the archenemy. After the horrors he has faced, can Yarrick find the source of the danger and destroy it?”

Captain Karlaen – Painting Guide $4.99

“Captain Karlaen is the leader of the Archangels, the famed First Company of the Blood Angels Chapter. This handy guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to paint this mighty Imperial hero. Obviously, many of the techniques could equally well apply to any Terminator from the Chapter, making this a useful eBook for any Blood Angels collector.”

~The Adventures of young Commissar Yarrick?  

Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K: Interview with a Young Power-gamer