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40K Advent Day 9: All Flesh Tearers All the Time!

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Dec 9 2014

If you love red, black, butchers, chainswords, and blood in all it’s forms today is your lucky day!
A Son’s Burden (ebook) $3.99

“The Blood Angels call for aid, and the Flesh Tearers answer, but Gabriel Seth’s warriors are already engaged in battle against traitorous cultists on the dark world of Nekkaris. As Seth and Chaplain Appollus prepare to leave for the Cryptus system, Sergeant Eschiros and his Scout squad fight behind enemy lines, unaware of the almighty sacrifice they may soon have to make…”

Death in the Darkness
Upon the night world of Nekkaris, a small band of Flesh Tearers fights to destroy the traitor artillery that threatens their brothers. Should they be detected by the renegade sentries then their lives will surely be forfeit. Yet the Flesh Tearers press on regardless, for they will do their duty no matter the cost.
Black Library tie-in mission
To accompany the Black Library short story A Son’s Burden, this Warhammer 40,000 Echoes of War mission allows you to refight the tense attack by the Flesh Tearers’ Scout force upon the renegades’ artillery batteries.”


~Flesh Tearers – Loyalist “Khorne” Berzerkers, or just really pissed off Blood Angels?

Author: Larry Vela
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