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BREAKING Necrons: HELLO New Models!

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Dec 14 2014

It looks like Shield of Baal: Exterminatus spilled the beans on some upcoming new Necrons! Check these kits out!

via Forge the Narrative

The New Kits:

That sure looks to me like a new Necron Lord and a new updated Necron Warriors kit.  All are on new bases and I think we can say goodbye to the clear plastic rods… which looks to be the same kit as the minis below.

The Shield of Baal Picture:

Then we have the Necrons in this new Black Library picture, several Lychguard on the new 32mm base up top and the unusual weapon on the Warrior on the extreme lower left, hinting at a refresh of the Warrior boxed set.

Full Necron Rumor Roundup

UPDATE:  It looks like the warriors are a White Dwarf conversion, using spare bits from Immortals.  Sorry, everyone jumped the gun.  They do look pretty …


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