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FORGE WORLD – Navigator Rules – WOW!

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Dec 30 2014

How the frak did this guy slip under the radar!  This is one BADASS Imperial Navigator!

Thanks to Forge the Narrative for the sharp eyes!

Apparently Forge World released rules for their event only Navigator miniature recently and didn’t post an update about it, or perhaps everyone missed it over the holidays. Either way there are rules now for it and it doesn’t seem too bad actually.

OK, now take a couple minutes and go download these rules now and read the lower right column!  Then come back:

Now tell me that guy isn’t the best bag of dirty tricks to stick into a squad you can buy for 50 pts!

Now don’t give him a gun ever because he can’t hit the broadside of a barn. But then again would you ever spend a second at the Imperial shooting range when you can just take off your “I love the Emperor” trucker cap and burn everyone within ten paces to dust instantly?  The Lidless Stare is AWESOME!
Warp Prescience and Aetheric Disruption are just as nasty. I’m still trying to stop smiling after thinking of which unit Warp Prescience will most help…

If you play 30k, I would convert up one of these dudes yesterday!

~If you don’t, petition Forgeworld to add him into the standard 40K game and start cranking out the models – because I want this swiss army knife in all my Imperial armies now.

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