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Necrons : Handicapping the Rumors & a Clue!

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Dec 13 2014

OK folks, the Necron rumors are flowing, but here’s your guide to keep you on track, plus one tantalizing clue from Black Library.

In order of importance, here is what is floating out there regarding the Tin Men at the moment:

Codex Necrons:

Crammed into the GW schedule right before the new year.
Pre-orders Dec. 19th
Street date: Dec 26th
(Previous chatter from last month says first week of January)


Little to no new models (a la Grey Knights)
(scattered chatter says perhaps 1 character clampack and 1 Destroyer/DestroyerLord plastic kit)

Look for Nerfs to the following:

Doom Scythes
Night Scythes
Tesla will get an overhaul to their rules.
Deathray will receive a big overhaul to how it targets models.
Characters remain fundamentally unchanged.
The Stormlord will recieve a Necron themed orbital bombardment of some type once per game.
Warlord Traits are good with some granting individual units USRs, while another listed granted an improved version of Reanimation Protocols
Rumors are rated: Above-Average, coming from known and unknown sources.

Secondary Necron Rumors:
Necron Lords multipart plastic kit. Allows multiple build options.

Necron Destroyer plastic box (3 models), Lord bits included.

Flayed Ones plastic box. (5 models)

Cryptek plastic Clampack

Rumors are rated: Below-Average, coming from unknown sources.

The Shield of Baal Picture:

Then we have the Necrons in this new Black Library picture, several Lychguard on the new 32mm base up top and the unusual weapon on the Warrior on the extreme lower left, hinting at a refresh of the Warrior boxed set.


The skinny is that with all the Necron activity from Game Workshop and the Shield of Baal tie-in, we can count on Necrons being next, either at the very end of December, or very early in January, and with very little to no miniatures. If you were a batting person, I would say the smart money is on none, or perhaps only a box refresh or two.

~ The bigger question is what the great 40K future will hold after Necrons.

Author: Larry Vela
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