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Outside the Box 12-12-14

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Dec 12 2014

Here we go again, this week we have news about Raging Heroes, Infinity, Dystopian Legions and even Dropzone Commander – Enjoy!

The first wave of the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy is available:

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Studio Giraldez published pictures of a new Spetsnaz:

 -> More Infinity News 

Spartan Games presents a first new sidekick for Dystopian Legions, Captain Smethington DFC:

 -> More Spartan Games News

In a rather surprising move Warlord Games bought Pro Gloria Miniatures:

 Additionally the next plastic tank is available fro pre-orders:

And Judge Dredd gets some love with the new supplement and two new gang boxes:

-> More Warlord Games News

Victoria MiniaturesNew bits have been released:

Perry Miniatures


The North Africa range gets reinforcements in form of new Foreign Legion and SAS:

More previews of the Welcome to the Big Smoke range have been published:

Finally something new for Dropzone Commander, a new Shaltari unit is on the way:

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New Forgefathers, the Mars Attacks Dreadball team and the Crazy Box have been announced:

-> More Mantic Games News


Puppetswar presents Steam Ogres and a very large Orc Walker:

 -> More Puppetswar News

Shieldwolf Miniatures
The third army for the upcoming Shieldwolf Miniatures Kickstarter has been revealed:
-> More Shieldwolf Miniatures News

Gamecraft Miniatures
The new Double Towers SciFi buildings is now available in 6mm and 15mm scale:

-> More Gamecraft Miniatures News

Dark Age Games
New previews of Dedlokk and the Juggernaut have been published:

New survivors are available from Hasslefree Miniatures:

And Watchful I Studio announced a range of ancient Chinese:

Again not a lot going on Kickstarter this week

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Yay, new stuff for my 8th army!

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