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WFB BREAKING: Here Come the Skaven Vermin Lords!

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Dec 24 2014

Thevatars of the loathsome ratmen scratches their way to the surface – GO GO GO!!!

Get a load of these Nagash sized pretties!

These minis pretty much much sync with some rumors doing the rounds earlier today:

Previous Rumors:
End Times 4 : Skaven
Release date: January 2015

via Faeit 12-24-2015


(Anonymous Source 1) We saw the new cover art for endtimes 4. It’s rat caster riding some Monster with a cannon. (Sorry not to familiar with skaven)The new white dwarf has new skaven monsterous creature as the front covers but that’s all i saw. 

(Anonymous Source 2) Plastic Vermin Lord to make 5 different kits in white dwarf 49.

white dwarf 2 weeks from now will feature the release of a plastic 
vermin lord kit, will make 5 alternate models with different themes. 1 
Eshin, 1 Grey Seer, 1 Warlord, 1 Moulder and one supposed “Vermin King”.

Eshin one can be skitterleapt and gets re-rolls to cast skitterleap, grey 
seer one always gets 6 on the d6+1 part of warp lightning casts. No further 
information about the others or point costs, but alledgedly he’s going to 

be about the same dimesnsions as Nagash.

~I would expect lots more on this in the next couple of weeks…

Author: Larry Vela
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