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WHFB. Going RETRO with Chaos Dwarfs – Part 7.

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Dec 6 2014

Scratchbuilt Iron Daemon to fit my 4th ed miniatures right here!

Hi! I`m Tommy from the little known blog bigbossredskullz and we are making a retro 4th ed miniature based Chaos Dwarfs army!

So as part 6 kinda indicated my plans from part 1 are out of the window. This project has gained momentum as I’m really enjoying building, painting and playing with it so I’m just doing what I fancy and enjoying the project in general.
My moniker and blog hints at Orks ( 😉 ) and as anyone who has seen my blog in detail knows that I enjoy scratchbuilding.
The Iron Daemon was kinda underwhelming at first glance and I originally didn’t like the FW model. But with the miniatures I’m building the army around, the FW model doesn’t fit the bill either way.
My kids have a massive drawer with Lego, so I went looking for something I could use as a boiler. Here’s the first result of my bits scrounging.
Found that great cylinder shaped thing. Cut it to fit length wise (60*100 base). I then sanded it to get a surface I could glue on. Then I started the detailing.

You can see the start of the undercarriage as well. I now dry fitted it just to see that it all was in order so far.

I now checked my Ork bitz and found some choice bits. The hooks are from the CSM vehicle sprues though I think.

Then it was over to prepare the base and glue it all in place before I continue the build.

I have no idea what the drivers cabin and boiler room is called. Nonetheless, here’s the start with the oven and coal bucket.

Added a second floor.

Finished the main build, looks like this. Got a good handful of fun details in.


Pimp tall hat!

See the handles for firing the steam cannonade?
Finished Result

Far north of the hot ashen wastes of the Dark Lands, between the cold snowy peaks of The Mountains of Mourn lies an old Dawi Zharr fortress known only as Frozen Fang. A tall spike amidst mountain tops made from stone, iron and ice.

Only acccesable through a long dark tunnel carved in rock and melted in ice by the loss of life and blood from thousands of slaves. In the infinite darkness of the tunnel, there is always the sound of roaring thunder, for here reigns a demonic engine named The Last Bull.


A gigantic Iron Demon built by the Lord Prophet of the Fang himself. The Last Bull is driven – or rather kept in control – only by his most trusted Hellsmith engineer.

The Iron Demon and it’s crew are tasked with keeping the tunnel free of ice, by breaking the walls with sheer force of mass and transporting scores of captured savage mountain orc slaves to an outpost on the Plain of Zharr.

The Last Bull is named after the Lord Prophets first Taurus Brimstone. The Great Tauruses of the warm ashen wastes cannot sustain themselves in the cold blizzards of the mountains. Rather than letting his trusted mount free, the lord prophet saved the burning essence of his Taurus before it diminished.

With unholy enchantments and rituals used normally for the binding of daemons, the Prophet was able to bind the fiery soul of Brimstone to the machinery of his enormous Iron Daemon.

But never has The Lord Prophet forgiven the council of Zharr-Naggrund for tasking him with ruling The Frozen Fang, he is forever blaiming them for the freezing death of his Great Taurus Brimestone.

Such is the rage encaged in the iron sarcophagus, that in times of war, the Lord Porphet and his master Hellsmith will derail the Iron Demon and The Last Bull will follow it’s master to war and slaughter once again.

I painted this one up similar to my other stuff. I’m actually very pleased at how well it fits the aesthetics of my army. 
Since I can’t write fluff for the life of me, Bloodbeard from Chaos Dwarf Online was so gracious that he wrote another piece on my Iron Daemon that even has a lot of fluff for the entire army. Just based on my blog and this article series. Cheers mate!

That’s it for part 7! In part 8 it will be more from the special choices. So much fun stuff there! Meanwhile, go check out my finished Earthshaker Cannon and some WiP Hobgoblins right here.
Opinions on the Iron Daemon. Does it fit in or not?

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