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40K BREAKING: You Got Your Daemon in My Dreadnought!

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Jan 12 2015

What happens when you stick a deamon into a Contemptor dreadnought? The Word Bearers have been naughty!

via forgeworld:

“Taking a ramble through the Forge World Studio last week, I came across something pretty cool being worked on. I don’t know much about this twisted monstrosity yet, but I’m sure we’ll find out more soon, maybe in time for the Weekender… “

Now those cheeky lads over at Forgeworld are playing coy, but those look like Colchisian runes to me, and that is clearly a modified Contemptor Dreadnought dreadnought chassis.  You can identify it by the details of it’s powerfist arm and the tops of it’s legs and torso area.

If you look sharp, you can see what appears to be the open book emblem of the Word Bearers on the model’s left shoulder.

Take a look at the runes on Lorgar & other Word Bearers models for comparison…

I can only image the rules for a daemon-possessed Contemptor – it should be AWESOME!


Author: Larry Vela
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