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40K Latest: The Necron C’Tan

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Jan 24 2015
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necron-tesseract-01The Necrons rumor tidalwave continues with C’Tan in the spotlight.

via Gary’s bird 1-24-2014

C’Tan Special Powers 
Note that the datacards include a deck of the c’tan powers so you can shuffle those and draw a card instead of rolling.

All powers are 24″ except the Tesseract Vault which has a range of 48″. Tesseract Vault powers are are the same strength and ap, but longer ranged and other changes noted below.

1. Powers of the C’tan
Antimatter Meteor -S8 AP3 lg blast
-Tesseract Vault Apoc Blast

2. Cosmic Fire – S6 AP4 lg blast ignores cover
-Tesseract Vault Apoc blast ignores cover

3. Seismic Assault – S6 AP4 assault 10 strikedown
-Tesseract Vault Assault 20 strikedown

4. Sky of Falling Stars – S7 AP4 assault 3 lg blast barrage
-Tesseract Vault assault 6 apoc barrage

5. Time’s Arrow – SD AP1 precision shot
-Tesseract Vault assault 2 precision shots

6. Transdimensional Thunderbolt -S9 AP1 Tesla
-Tesseract Vault assault 2 Tesla


*Tesla: When firing this weapon a to hit roll of 6 causes 2 extra hits. Snap shots dont do extra hits.


and the C’tan Unit Overview:

The C’tan are not generalized into one generic unit like some people are concerned. Each gets its own entry and costs around the same point costs of a Land Raider, with the Transcendent costing an extra 10pts which also carries with it an extra wound giving it a 5 wounds. I would of expected a higher toughness, but  S7 and T7 is all around. Transcendent has an additional Strength.

Powers of the C’tan work like this; Pick your target and then roll for power.


All of them share some powers of eternal warrior, and fearless, Immune to natural law- ignoring terrain, and Necrodermis- 4++ and exploding on death-any models within d6″ suffer S4 AP1 hits.

The biggest differences are in their remaining powers
Nightbringer- fleshbane and Gaze of Death targets non-vehicles 12″ and takes AP2 wounds equal to 3d6 minus leadership

Deceiver- hit and run, Dread-enemy units within 12″ -2 leadership, and Grand Illusion- after scouts redeploy d3 units within 12″and the deceiver through normal deployment or put in reserves.

Transcendent- Deepstrike, and Writhing Worldscape- open ground in 6″ is difficult terrain.

~More coming soon.  This codex is looking like it’s going to be a strong one!

Author: Larry Vela
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