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BREAKING Necron Units: The Rules

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Jan 28


After Monday’s early arrival of the codex for one lucky hobbyist and today’s image posts all over the internet, we’re starting to get a clear picture of what the Necron rules are looking like.

If you thought Warp Spiders were annoying, wait ’till you see what the Destroyers can do now!

Via Forge the Narrative 


  • The Ghost Ark can shoot a withering 20 shots at 24″
  • Destroyers (and lord) are now ‘Jet Pack’ Infantry (move 6″), but still retained their ‘Preferred’ Enemy USR. They are relentless so they can ‘jump, shoot, jump’, and have one additional wound as well.
  • Gauss got a big upgrade and can now wound anything on a ‘6’ that it couldn’t normally.
  • Wraiths are now ‘Beasts’ but still retain their ‘Wraithflight’, however they are T5 now.

So it’s look like still a lot of combos to be had with these guys, especially when paired with the Shield of Baal Exterminatus Mephrit Dynasty wargear!

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