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Humble Store: GW Video Games for 90% OFF!

Jan 17 2015

THIS WEEKEND ONLY: Grab all the Games Wrokshop video games you can handle for up to 90% off!

via the Lounge’s Erik Setzer:

The Humble Store is doing a sale on GW games this weekend!

Space Hulk for $2.49 (or $9.99 if you want all the fixin’s), Blood Bowl for $7.49, Warhammer Quest, Talisman, Space Marine, Kill Team, all the Dawn of War games, and even Chainsaw Warrior making an appearance (and more)!

I think I’ll be adding a few to my collection…

I have to give kudos to GW on the decision to license out their older board games as computer games, with faithful adaptations that add new stuff. It’s nice to play some classics again. I’d love them in physical form, too (Talisman and Space Hulk are already there, now let’s bring back Blood Bowl and Warhammer Quest), but this is still a cool nostalgia trip. If they can resurrect some of the other classics, too, that’d be awesome.

Act fast because the Humble Bundle is for THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

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