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Outside the Box 01-09-15

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Jan 9 2015

Welcome to the first issue of 2015! We have great news about Terminator Genisys, Conan the Barbarian, X-Wing and much more- Enjoy!

Riverhorse Games Alessio Cavatore is going to design a tabletop skirmish game based on the upcoming Terminator movie!
  Dark Age Games 
Hand of War is joining the Nomads soon:
Zinge Industriess
The APC Conversion Set is available from Zinge Industries:

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Fantasy Flight Games
Another upcoming release for X-Wing has been announced, the M3-A Interceptor:

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Customeeple offers new terrain for Infinity:

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The Kickstarter for the Conan the Barbarian boardgame will launch on January 12th:

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Ninja Division 
Ninja All-Stars will be the next Chibi-style game from Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures:

Warlord GamesThis week we got a preview of the Concord Interceptor Squad for Beyond the Gates of Antares:

Additionally, the Ostfront supplement for Bolt Action is available for pre-orders:


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Raging Heroes
More releases and previews of the Toughest Girls in the Galaxy:

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ManorHouse Workshop ManorHouse Workshop demonstrates the “dynamic walls” concept for their Underground project:

Outlaw Miniatures
The Mercenary Flame Truck for Wild West Exodus has been released:

Wargames Factory
Wargames Factory published new pictures of their Woodland Indians:


Shieldwolf Miniaturess
The Shieldwolf Miniatures Fantasy Kickstarter is coming soon:

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Steel Fist Miniatures 
Another upcoming Kickstarter: new Samurai from Steel Fist Miniatures

The re-mastered Quad Cannon is now available:

KromlechKromlech released new Goblin Nurses:

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And ABYSS is a new company producing miniatures and busts:

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The new year brings new crowdfunding campaigns:War of Kings – BattleHex: A Modular Hexagon Terrain System 

Deadsculpt Figures – ATER collectible 54mm miniatures series 

RN estudio- From Wasteland Survivors Miniatures 


MK1881 – Ares Demons Fantasy Football miniatures  


Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!
A good start for the new year 😉

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