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40K Rules Conundrum: Adeptus Mechanicus Edition

Mar 25 2015


The Mechanicum are on the way, and already we have our first rules conundrum.  Rules Lawyers, get out your briefcases:

This one was caught by the BoLS Lounge’s DWest

I believe I’ve spotted the first rules conundrum already: the Radium Jezzail is a Sniper weapon with the ‘Rad Poisoning‘ rules which states: “A To-Wound roll of 6 with this weapon inflicts 2 Wounds on the target unit, regardless of Toughness. These Wounds are allocated and saved against separately.” Sniper also confers Rending, which causes a To-Wound roll of 6 to be resolved at AP 2. So, does this mean both Wounds are AP 2, or only 1?


Ladies and Gentlemen, like your math teachers all said – we expect you to show your work… (in the comments down below)


Get to it! 

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