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BOOM! 10 Shocking Spoilers – End Times Archaon

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Mar 13


WOW! Who knew it would end like THIS?  You have to see what happens to the Warhammer World now!

Caution Spoiler Alert(s).


No seriously these are only a tiny scratch at the secrets on the road to the end…

You have been warned.

10. Isabella Von Carstein Kills her beloved Vlad. But then he returns the favor by coming back and killing them both.

9. Valkia meets her end impaled on the spear of the Emperor’s champion.

8. Vilitch the Curseling escapes to the Crystal Labyrinth, but in true Tzeentchian form becomes a slave to his brother Thromin.

7. Lileath revealed she created a new ‘haven’ – a place where life can continue again….


6. ….Unfortunately Be’lakor is lurking in the shadows and learns this secret…cue sneaky music…

5. Mannfred reveals to the remaining Bretonnians that their realm was founded on little more than a lie, as the whole ‘lady’ thing was an elven amusement.

4. Grimgor Ironhide secretly dooms the incarnates by not mentioning that he’s a latent psyker.

3. The Ghal Maraz is reunited with the Emperor…

2. …completing the transformation of Karl Franz into Sigmar himself!

1. As fortold, A selfless act by Malekith ‘the Betrayer’ heralds the world’s demise.

The Old World is dead.

Now grab the book and read how it all unfolds including the mysterious ultimate fate of Archaon…


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