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For the GLORY of KHORNE!

Mar 7 2015


GW shows off the blood-drenched Wrathmongers and Skullreapers, plus End Times Archaon in glorious detail – Don’t miss these closeups.

Ohh, look at that cinematography.  The depth of field, the pans, the closeups.  Someone at GW is having a great time with their camera.


OK, in the round, I’m still on the fence about the Skullreapers. I find them neither inspired, nor horrid. I still have this feeling that this kit is going to be used mainly for conversion and bits by 40K CSM hobbyists.  As for the Wrathmongers, let me just leave you with this GEM from Warseer’s Rotbeard:

“The one thing I can’t quite get past is that the wrathmongers, there’s just a part of them that reminds me of a sunburned farmer in metal overalls going out to thresh some wheat on a PCP rage.”

~What’s your artistic opinion on the new kits?

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