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All The Special Rules? – Harlequin Tips & Tactics

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Mar 2 2015

Harlequin Avatar

Need some special rules? The Harlequins got you covered. Checkout these tactics for playing and equipping the new Harlequins!


In this review we cover the Harlequin wargear and special rules. You’ll notice that some of the special pieces of wargear are restricted to specific characters you can have up to SEVEN of some of those characters in a Harlequin army regardless.

Plus these sort of restrictions may indicate some great play-testing on the part of Games Workshop themselves.

Want special rules? The Harlequins have access to Stealth, Shroud, d3 Hammer of Wraths, Hit and Run, plus fleet just to name a few. BUT their biggest boon maybe their abilities to reduce leadership values of their enemies a myriad of different ways. The combos here are still unfolding IMHO, however the missing piece to the Codex puzzle maybe weather to field them on foot, mechanized, or a combo of both.

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