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Codex Eldar Craftworlds: Review

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Apr 27


The new Eldar codex is here, come see one of the most beautiful codex books GW has ever released!

It’s here, and it is good! Releasing this weekend is the new Eldar codex, and it’s generating a ton of buzz.

The new 160 page mammoth tome of Eldar is laid out with tons of new artwork, beautiful three quarter shots of each units and a HUGE rules appendix section.

When it comes to the new Eldar Codex, there is so much you can do with this book one short review and video will barely scratch the surface.

The book itself is divided into four sections, fluff (Eldar background and units), unit datasheets, painted minis gallery, and the rules appendices.

The real treat for this book is the rich and lavish background section for the Eldar themselves from the organization of their forces to the layout and locations of their craftworlds, color schemes, etc it’s a very revealing book!

Overall the new codex introduces a a ton of new unit combinations to the game and several formations to boot. Plus there is a HUGE level customization available by taking the ‘Craftworld Warhost’ that’s very similar to the Necron Decurion and Deamonkin Bloodhost.


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