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New Codex OR Just Supplement? Eldar Dilemma

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Apr 11


Did we just troll ourselves with all the Eldar rumors? The key to the new release may be hidden in plain sight…

Let’s run it down real quick. As of right now all signs are pointing to an Eldar release for next week.

If you read the 40k Internets everyday you’ve heard something about this by now so probably no big surprise there right?


But it wasn’t the normal White Dwarf back page teaser that got me thinking we may need to do a rumor double take, it was this little tidbit above tucked into the Paint Splatter article that did it.

‘More Red, But Different’

Now let’s take a look at the rumored releases for the Eldar and see how this ‘More Red, But Different’ tidbit lines up with those products.

via Bolter and Chainsword


that makes:
– Codex Eldar: Craftworlds
– Codex Eldar: Craftworlds eBook
– plastic Autarch clampack
Windriders Jetbikes / Shining Spears combo-box
– Datacards: Craftworlds
– web paint bundles for:
Biel-Tan, Ultwe, Saim-Hann, Iyanden and Alaitoc
– Windrider host web bundle

So it seems like what they may be painting ‘more red but different’ may be Saim-Hann Wild Rider jetbikes right? Pretty cut and dry right? Maybe not, maybe so, but let’s roll the runes and think this one out folks!

What the heck is Codex Eldar: Craftworlds anyways? Will it be a new codex entirely OR a supplement to make different versions of Eldar like the Iyanden book was?


Codex Craftworld Eldar

(via Lexicanum)


I only ask because there was a precedent for this – there was the old codex of the same name from 3rd Edition that gave rules for playing armies of Biel Tan, Ulthwe, and you guessed it Saim-Hann Wild Riders.  Back then Codex Eldar: Craftworlds  was not just generic DIY Eldar builds (that was a separate base codex release before the one pictured above).

Now let’s look at the rumors before the release list broke;

Lords of War (Facebook) who says:

“-Lords of War Gaming Yes. After Admech it will be codex Craftworld: Eldar. Plastic jetbikes and Artach.”

via Birds in the Trees 3-19-2015 

Eldar will receive new miniatures releases this year, but probably not a new codex.
Eldar will be part of one of the year’s two 40K campaign sets.

Miniatures listed are:

1 Small Vehicle box (chatter says a Jetbike based unit)
2 5-model infantry boxes (2 more Aspects move to plastic)
2 Clampack models (chatter points to 2 updated plastic Phoenix Lord

Well that IS interesting, the release list seems to check out from two separate sources, BUT one goes on to clarify that the Eldar may not get a ‘new codex’.


So what will Codex Eldar: Craftworlds be? Will it be a full new codex, a supplement like Iyanden, a full ‘Daemonkin’ style book with options for existing units AND ways to field them in specific craftworld configurations (like the old codex of the same name), or none of the above?

Wow someone must have activated a filp belt because I don’t know which was is up anymore when it comes to the Eldar, do YOU?

-Show of hands is Eldrad Ulthran dead or no?

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