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40K: New Dark Angels Minis Spotted

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May 31


Looks like there will be more Astartes releases in June than originally anticipated! Come see the latest on the Unforgiven.

Via Atia and Timotheus on Bolter and Chainsword 05-31-2015

A friend got an upcoming Warhammer Visions issue.
Here is the new Interrogator Chaplain:
Chaplain is ~ 23€
Now look at the fold in the magazine, my French is a little rusty but I think that reads ‘The Thousand Sons and Their Allies’. With all this talk about Tzeentch Daemonkin I wonder what that is all about.


Dark Angels Battleforce – looks to be 3 Black Knights, 1 Land Speeder and 1 Attack Bike

Dark Angels Rumor Roundup

~More Dark Angels info as we get it.


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