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Infinity Showcase: Painting the Squalo Part 2

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May 20 2015

Infinity PanO Squalo 000

Let’s go ahead and finish this guy off. I’ll pick up where I left off last time.  Grab your brush and follow along.

Infinity PanO Squalo 016

Next are the shoulder/knee/elbowpads. They start with a basecoat of Beaten Purple which I highlight with some Thrall Flesh. Once again, these are P3 Masters colors like most of the ones I use.

Infinity PanO Squalo 017

I repeat the first step wet blending all the while until I get it all nice and smooth. I also add some darker areas by blending in some Exile Blue. It looks a little weird from this angle, but that’s ok since this isn’t really the angle it will be viewed from.

Infinity PanO Squalo 018

That’s better. I’ve also blacklined all the crevices with an Exile Blue and Black mix. Some stark thin lines of highlight are also added along most of the edges with pure Thrall Flesh.

Infinity PanO Squalo 019


Not much left now. Lets finish up that gun. The rest of it is painted with a Thamar Black to Coal Black (it’s the dark Turquoise Color) to Thrall Flesh gradient.

Infinity PanO Squalo 020

Then it’s blacklining and lines of highlights again to define everything.

      Infinity PanO Squalo 021

We’re getting real close now. I think he needs some glows though.

Infinity PanO Squalo 022

Clearly these vents are where it discharges all the excess heat from its plasma reactor or whatever. I start by filling them in with Khador red Highlight.


Infinity PanO Squalo 023

Then it’s Cygnar Yellow in the crevasses to create that glow effect.

Infinity PanO Squalo 024

I do the same technique on the eyes, sight and some other ports around the model. This article has some more info on painting glows with some better close-ups if you’re interested.

As pleased ad I am with the model I think he needs some freehand. That shoulder just looks too barren.

Infinity PanO Squalo 030

I decide a NeoTerra cross is just the thing. As always with freehand, it’s best to start out simple and build it up piece by piece.

Infinity PanO Squalo 031

Infinity PanO Squalo 032


Infinity PanO Squalo 034

I was aiming to keep the interior of the cross the same purple as the rest of the shoulder, but I thought it needed a little more. Plus filling it in would give me a way to tidy it up a bit in there.

Infinity PanO Squalo 035

I use a mix of Exile Blue and Thamar Black. But it’s sill not right.

Infinity PanO Squalo 036

I add some highlights and kind of create a NMM silver effect inside. See the last article for the colors used.

Infinity PanO Squalo 027

But now I have to make a custom base for this guy. I’m not above buying bases if they look good. In fact that’s what I usually do for Infinity. But there are very few available in the weird 55mm scale that they use for large models. To try to get something a little more interesting, I take a jeweler’s saw and saw a grid into the base.

      Infinity PanO Squalo 028

My saw kept bending, so after I had a good start from it, I used the side of one of my files to finish the grid. Then I cut most of the area out.


Infinity PanO Squalo 000

Inside a glue a piece cut out of a wall from a Pegasus Hobbies platformer terrain kit, along with some other bits from that set. I also drill little holes on the corners of all the remaining squares. I base out with splotches of Umbral Umber, Greatcoat Gray, and Cryx Bane Base. Then it gets an Agrax Earth wash with Khador Red Highlight mixed into the wash in a few areas. Then I drybrush it with Thrall Flesh, then Frostbite. I can’t help but feel like maybe I should have spent a little more time painting the base after all the work I put in everywhere else, but at this point I was ready to be done with this project.

Infinity PanO Squalo 039

Finally here are some more angles to look at.

Infinity PanO Squalo 038

Infinity PanO Squalo 037

~Hope you enjoyed the article. There will be more Infinity and more painting soon!

Ben Williams
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