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NEW – Cult Mechanicus Unit Pictures

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May 12



The Mechanical cat is out of the bag, come see whats coming soon for Cult Mechanicus!

Looks like the Kataphron Destroyers/Breachers box set is coming next week, but there is no sign of a codex yet.

For the rest of the pics get out your German translators, there is a lot of ground to cover!


A Kataphron Breacher moves either with a heavy arc gun or a Torsionskanone at (W3 food or hull points!) and an arc or hydraulic claw. The Kataphron Destroyersbuild on the other hand, plasma Kalverines or severity Gravkanonen and phosphorus Blaster, which can be replaced either with Cognis flamethrowers.


med_gallery_79873_10492_35030 med_gallery_79873_10492_474021 med_gallery_79873_10492_97734 med_gallery_79873_10492_83859


The new tracked units look good even close up. I can see these guys becoming the next conversion staple for a new generation of hobbyists!

Tons more pictures on the Roundup below!

Cult Mechanicus Roundup

They see me rolling...

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