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ODDBALL: X-Wing Makes It to Real-life Space

May 9 2015



What would you do for free tickets to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere? Check this out.

Project Helium Tears wanted to go to the film’s premiere so much that they sent a model X-wing into space in just for a chance to score some tickets.


The video below was made by Project Helium Tears, a two-person group from Essex, UK that works with weather balloons at the edge of space. So they figured they’d attach a model X-wing to one of their balloons and film it, you know for science (and a chance at freebies)!

Their message to JJ Abrams; “We know you like practical effects and shooting in real locations, and we really love that there are X-wings in the new film.”

The BBC estimates the effort cost the duo around £1,200

I wonder if they’ll get tickets to the big show?


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