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40K SNAFU: Librarians Naughty and Nice!

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Jun 16


Games Workshop may have thrown the new Space Marine players a curve ball. Come see what’s wrong (or right) with Daemonology.

It looks like there is a MAJOR discrepancy between the Hardback Marine Codex, and the digital one in regards to what Daemonology powers Librarians can use.



The hardback codex lists ‘Daemonology’ along with the other disciplines under the powers that both Tigurius, and the generic Librarians can use in game.

Now compare that entry with the one for the new Eldar, specifically Eldrad.

Not even the mighty Eldrad can harness the Malefic side of the Daemonology tree it looks like.


Now compare both the Marine entry above and the Eldar one with the powers that the Digital Space Marine codex lists.

Pictures courtesy of Scatter Shot Painting 6-15-2015



11304134_10155694095440257_1430056697_n11638112_10155694095465257_129713393_n11541133_10155694095510257_1054031553_n 11356157_10155694095535257_1344210972_n 11121042_10155694095565257_1699586668_n 11637826_10155694095620257_705315264_n

The Digital Version of the ”Daemonology’ powers for Librarians. If you scroll though the Daemonology listing on the digital version it does not list the Maleific powers!

What the heck? Was there a cut and paste error here, or a disconnect somewhere in the studio?


Someone get a FAQ writer on this one quick!  Sure updating the digital book is easy one way or the other, but what about all the hardcovers they just sold…?

What’s your take on the whole digital vs hardback debate in the first place. 

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