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40K: Space Marine Codex, Salamanders & Devastators Latest!

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Jun 3 2015



There’s a new set of Codex and Devastator kit details doing the rounds.  Come look:

via one of Gary’s birds 6-3-2015

from White Dwarf:

– 2 weapons each of lascannon, multi melta, heavy bolter, plasma cannon, missile launcher & grav cannon.
– 6 sets of legs, one kneeling
– The firing rockets are optional and there are 2 in the box.
– Yes there really is a cherub carrying a melta bomb.Chapter Tactics appear to be for the army and then certain Doctrines can be applied on a turn by turn basis
– Tactical Doctrine: Effected models can re-roll 1’s in shooting and assault phases this turn. Tactical squads and characters that have joined them, may re-roll all failed to hit rollsThere’s White Dwarf Exclusive objectives in this issue for armies using Salamanders Chapter Tactics (1 of them “Weather the Storm” is to launch an assault and to not suffer a casualty to Overwatch just for example)- Space Marine codex is 200 pages (largest yet) including a Gladius Strike Force Detachment and 12 Formations.

– Codex features Salamander Chapter Structure and White Scar squad & company markings.

Codex is £35/$58 US

The current codex is 180 pages, so that is a 20 page increase.



via Captain Citadel 6-3-2015 

Salamanders Unique Chapter Objectives:

11 Vulkan’s Gaze – Bonus VPs for killing vehicles with Melta weapons

12 Weather the Storm – Bonus VPs for successfully chargin with zero overwatch casualties

13 Legacy of Isstvan – Bonus VPs for destroying enemy ints within 18″ of your board edge while 3 of own units are also within 18″ of your board edge

14 Vulkan’s Task – Bonus VPs if you control more OBJs than enemy and all OBJs are identified


15 Look Them in the Eye – Bonus VPs for wholly destroying enemy units while htey are within 6″ of your units.

16 Fires of Nocturne – Bonus VPs for killing enemy units with Flamer weapons

Space Marine Roundup


~ Ohh that’s a LOT of formations, hopefully with some for each 1st Founding Chapter…  Also are you sold on the “missile firing” bits?

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