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Kickstarter: Zombicide Black Plague Breaks $1.2 Million Day ONE!

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Jun 10 2015
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Zombicide Pic


Who knew the Black Plague could look this FUN! Check this out!

On its first day, the Zombicide: Black Plague Kickstarter campaign has made over $1 million. This is twice what the Rue Morgue Kickstarter made at launch (which had been the previous biggest day at launch for Zombicide). This was despite Kickstarter’s servers slowing down dramatically right when the campaign went live as so many people were trying to pledge.

Zombicide Board


The first optional add-ons have also been posted. Included is the Carl Critchlow Guest Box, which includes new Survivors to the available pool for your game.

Check out these amazing miniatures as well:

Zombicide Heroes




Zombicide Villains




They also have these sweet hero boards to help you keep track and stay organized:5c91e0b35101c93ebce87dc5a5999827_original


And just for good kicks – check out a game play video here:

For more pics, info and to get your Pledge-On, here is the link:

Zombicide: Black Plague on Kickstarter

CoolMiniOrNot has done it again. This game looks like a blast – I love the theme, the look and the execution. Backers have already unlocked a TON of extras and Kickstarter exclusives. I can’t wait to see how far this one will go.



Medieval Zombie Survivor Game? $1.2 Million in one Day? Sounds about right for a Zombicide game! AdamHarry, OUT!

Author: Adam Harrison
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