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New Formations Coming? – Space Marine Rumors

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Jun 04



Will this week’s White Dwarf hold secrets to the new Space Marine codex and formations? Come see the latest!

First off we know that there are new Tactical objectives for some of the chapters in the new Space Marine codex.

via Captain Citadel 6-3-2015 

Salamanders Unique Chapter Objectives:

11 Vulkan’s Gaze – Bonus VPs for killing vehicles with Melta weapons

12 Weather the Storm – Bonus VPs for successfully chargin with zero overwatch casualties

13 Legacy of Isstvan – Bonus VPs for destroying enemy ints within 18″ of your board edge while 3 of own units are also within 18″ of your board edge


14 Vulkan’s Task – Bonus VPs if you control more OBJs than enemy and all OBJs are identified

15 Look Them in the Eye – Bonus VPs for wholly destroying enemy units while htey are within 6″ of your units.

16 Fires of Nocturne – Bonus VPs for killing enemy units with Flamer weapons


Now were starting to hear about some of the formations via the this week’s White Dwarf as well.

Via Faeit 05-04-2015

 It talks about a Battle Demi-Company which “forms the heart of a Gladius Strike Force”.The Demi-Company shown consists of:
Command Squad
3 x Tactical Squads
Assault Squad
Devestator Squad

It says the Gladius Strike Force is the most commonly used strike force however there are others.Lance Strike Force relies on Bikes, Speeders and Transport vehicles.


Javelin Strike Force requires a lot of marines from the 7th Company. The entire Strike Force is deployed by air.

Strike Force Ultra is made up entirely from 1st Company Veterans in Terminator Armour. Deployed by Stormraven, Land Raider & Teleporter.

In another tidbit it mentions an “Armoured Task Force of Vindicators & Thunderfire Cannons ” – could well be one of the 12 formations.

Some of those names are familiar to Veteran players. Will we see more of the old formation favorites like the Vindicator Linebreaker Squadron or Land Raider Armorred Spearhead?
Only time will tell, but with 20 more pages in an already over sized book, smart money’s on yes to new content!

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