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New Space Marine ‘OP’ Formation?

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Jun 13 2015


This is the formation Space Marine players were looking for. You have to see what they can do now!


Via Elite 40,000 

The Skyhammer Annihilation Force comprises:

  • Two Assault Squads with Jump Packs
  • Two Devastator Squads in Drop Pods

And no less than four special rules:

Shock Deployment: All units in a Skyhammer Annihilation Force start the game in Deep Strike Reserve. Instead of using the normal deployment and reserve rules for these units, you can, during deployment, choose whether this Formation will arrive during your first or second turn. The entire Skyhammer Annihilation Force automatically arrives on the turn you choose—no Reserve Rolls are required. Ignore this Formation’s Drop Pods for the purposes of the Drop Pod Assault special rule.

First the Fire, then the Blade: On the turn they arrive from Deep Strike Reserve, the Devastator Squads in aSkyhammer Annihilation Force have the Relentless special rule and the Assault Squads can charge even though they arrived from Reserves that turn.

Suppressing Fusillade: A unit targeted by a Skyhammer Annihilation Force’s Devastator Squad in the Shooting phase must take a Morale test at the end of the phase on 3D6, regardless of how many casualties were inflicted. If the test is failed, the enemy unit does not Fall Back, but must immediately Go to Ground. If the test is passed, the enemy unit is unable to fire Overwatch for the rest of the turn.


Leave No Survivors: Assault Squads in a Skyhammer Annihilation Force can use their Jump Packs in both the Movement phase and the Assault phase. If an Assault Squad from a Skyhammer Annihilation Force charges a unit that has Gone to Ground as a result of the Suppressing Fusillade special rule, that Assault Squad can reroll failed To Hit and To Wound rolls in the ensuring Assault phase.


Time for the Space Marines to save us? This seems to be one of the most cinematically cool formations ever!

Wow this formation is super good. Not only do you get TWO more drop pods in on turn one, the Devastators get relentless now, so they can arrive in the pods and fire at normal ballistic skill. Go, go, new space boots! Plus the assault squads can deep strike in and assault without getting over-watched! Best part is all the normal rules apply to these guys to Chapter Tactics, Combat squads, and Combat Doctrines if applicable!

So for about 350 points bare bones you get some fast movers that can do some serious work, and unlock two extra turn one pods for your forces!


Time to splash Space Marines in any army? New rules aside, these ‘web exclusive’ rules sets are great, provided you can get your hands on them…



What do you think about these new ‘exclusive’ rules?

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