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Adeptus Mechanicus: Dirty Tricks & Tips

Jul 31 2015



Admech is coming on strong in tournaments, how much do you know about them? Checkout some dirty tips and tricks for playing and facing the new Mechanicus.

The compliation of our Adeptus Mechanicus Tactics videos is here, for you to bone up on the new wargear, formations, and relics for both book. Plus we talk a bunch on the new War Convocation formation that gives tons of FREE options for your toy robots!

If our video isn’t enough to satisfy your logic engines, here’s some great written articles for you to checkout as well on the new Space Marine codex.

We got you covered when it comes to new reviews and tactics features over on our YouTube channel. Get all the dirty Tips and Tactics from the new Cult Mechanicus & Skitarii books in one full length feature featuring our previous tactics reviews.


~ So how many folks have picked up Mechanicus armies in your area?


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