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Age of Sigmar: Starter Box Unboxing & More

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Jul 12 2015



Today we have not one but two unboxings of the Age of Sigmar boxed set and a walkthrough of the big rulebook within.  Let’s get started!

videos via spikeybits


Boxed Set

First up we get into the boxed set itself:



Next, it’s onto the enclosed full color backgound/rulebook:


And enjoy some shots of those minis that everyone is talking about:

Age of Sigmar Sprue 2 Age of Sigmar Sprue 1

What the pictures dont easily show, is that these are some of the most cunningly designed quick-assemble miniatures I’ve ever seen in the industry.  While folks are getting very close and in some limited cases surpassing GW’s level of detail in injected plastic (I’m thinking of Malifaux and Kingdom Death plastics for example), GW is still probably the king of slicing up plastic models.

The Age of Sigmar models often have super complicated cuts roaming all over the surface of the model that follow important “natural edges” and pretty much disappear to the eye once assembled. Some are designed to be hidden under later pieces, and others are internally chamfered to make them very difficult to spot.  A standout is the super dynamic Ionus Cryptborn model.  Once assembled, you have to really look hard to find out how he was constructed.  State of the art stuff here.


~ Have you picked up a copy yet?  We are already half done with the painting – battle reports coming soon. 



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