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Forge World: Ten Heads of the Hydra!

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Jul 3 2015
The Hydra has returned – Forge World shows off some new Alpha Legion Upgrade Kits! The sneaky-sneaky has arrived.


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The new helmet upgrade pack contains TEN different ornate helms to help keep the both the XX Legion’s enemies and allies guessing as to their true strength and disposition.
The new Torsos come in packs of 5 and are all individually sculpted!

Cloaked in rumor and shrouded by deception, what is known of the Alpha Legion is a tattered patchwork of half-truths and conjecture. Even before the dark days of the Horus Heresy, identification of its warriors was proving increasingly difficult as the Legion’s heraldry was constantly changing, with chains, scales, hydras and ancient Terran letters noted as becoming more prevalent on the armour of those thought to belong to the XXth.

Available to pre-order from today are two Alpha Legion upgrade packs.

The Alpha Legion Heads Upgrade Set includes 10 resin heads for Mk IV and Mk VI armour. The Alpha Legion Mk IV Torsos Upgrade Set includes five resin Mk IV torsos, each with various
Alpha Legion symbols and markings.
 Once again these look amazing, it’s a good time to be scion of the Hydra.
I wonder why Forge World seems so intent on releasing ‘upgrade’ kits for Legionaries all of a sudden….

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