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GW: Next Week’s Prices, Products & Teaser CONFIRMED!

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Jul 29 2015


Looks like it’s finally Chaos and Khornes’ turn for Age of Sigmar glory. Come see the new releases and a leafy surprise.

Khorne Looks to be next up in the release schedule, but lets take a look at this week’s new releases before we jump too far ahead.

7-29-2015 Via

– Stormcast Eternals Paladins $58
– Numinous Occulum $60
– Dragonfate Dais $50
– Sylvaneth Dryads $41 (repack w/round bases)
– Sylvaneth Treelord $61 (repack w/round bases)
– Sylvaneth Forest Spirit Warhost $225 (repack w/round bases)
– Realmgate Wars: Warstorm $24(Black Library novel)
– Chaos Cultist Activity Paint set $33

The Wood Elf Sylvaneths are simply re-boxes with new round bases. The Paladins can also make the RETRIBUTORS, DECIMATORS, and PROTECTORS units respectively.


And the TEASE!

And coming in August it looks like it’s Chaos’ turn




“Blood flows, the devourer arrives and a quest begins … “

So lots more releases look to be on the way here for the Chaos side of things, and perhaps we’ll see some more splash re-boxings too as well. Don’t forget about the HUGE Khornate tower/ fort kit that has been in nearly every picture since the Age of Sigmar dropped as well.

Checkout the rest of the leaked pics below

Age of Sigmar Release Roundup

Who’s down for some plastic fleshounds??

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