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Hobby Review – New Citadel Paint Brushes

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Jul 5 2015



Just like a helpful mobile app, there is now a Citadel Paint Brush for that! Come see the new brushes for every hobby task.

It’s been just over 3 years since Games Workshop changed up their paint line, and with it their brushes. This week we have fifteen new Citadel brushes made for a variety of specific painting tasks!

Each brush fits into a category that corresponds to the same category in their paint line. Basing brushes are for use with base paints, layering with layer paints, etc.

Pictures Via White Dwarf Daily


The Base Brush series are chisel wedge shaped letting you paint with the flat or ‘point’ of the brush for extra control around trim and tight fits.
You can even get in smaller areas if you lead with the pointer part as well.
Shading or Washing is a hobby must to create that transition between colors and create the contrasts that make models pop. The Shade brushes will hold a ton of paint too, but they lack the precision of Layer or Basing brushes.
The Layer Brush line is perfect for those precision tasks you may have. They hold small amounts of paint, and let you deliver it where you want when you want.

The Dry brushes and Scenery brushes are designed to survive the rigours of hard, fast painting duties. Crafted from ox hair and synthetic fibres, the Dry brushes can withstand plenty of hard use while helping you get the most out of your Dry paints. In combination with the hog hair Scenery brushes, which are designed for painting large scenery pieces, you could have a Realm of Battle Gameboard (and all the scenery to go on it) painted in a weekend.

If any brush type is more important that the others, it may be the Dry Brushes.  Citadel now makes both Scenery (pictured above) and a generic line of flat dry brushes for smaller tasks.
Both are made to go ‘hard in the paint’ and survive a lot of abuse. The smaller drybrushes are crafted from ox and synthetic fibers, and the larger Scenery ones are made from rougher Hog hair.
They are encased in what looks to be stamped hard plastic, that may actually hold up better than previous designs. Price wise they seem to be more affordable than before, well unless you want to buy all 15 that is.

The new Citadel Paint Set is currently available for $135.


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