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Lord Castellant & Age of Sigmar Terrain Available!

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Jul 18 2015
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Come get all the details and prices on this week’s Games Workshop releases.

The big releases this week are a pair of new terrain pieces (one of which has been “on ice” in Nottingham for 2 years).  Then we get a new Lord Castellant on foot with the cutest pet this side of the 9 Realms.  Let’s hit it!




Stormcast Eternals Lord-Castellant $40

Watching over their Stormcast brothers with the guiding light of their warding lanterns spilling a glorious, warm glow over everything nearby, the Lord-Castellants are masters of defensive warfare. The purifying aura of their golden light shields and heals wounded Stormcast Eternals with celestial energy, while their loyal gryph-hound shreds the flesh of any evildoers unfortunate enough to get too close.

This multi-part plastic kit contains everything you need to build one Lord-Castellant and one gryph-hound. Armed with a Castellant’s halberd and clutching a warding lantern, the Lord-Castellant is clad in unique armour covered in ornate scrollwork and details. His loyal gryph-hound features a spiked collar and a fearsome beak, perfect for rending the enemies of Order.

Includes two Citadel 40mm Round bases.





Baleful Realmgates $58

Unstable, flickering and stuttering with unnatural light and bizarre energy, the Baleful Realmgate is an artifact cursed by the power of the Dark Gods. Should they seek to make their way across the Realms, brave warriors can attempt to cross its threshold – but they run the terrible risk of being devoured by daemons. The most powerful wizards can master the gate’s power for a time, but such malevolent power cannot be tamed by a mere mortal mind for long.

This box contains two highly detailed plastic scenery pieces for use in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Designed not just to look incredible on the gaming table but also to serve practical gaming purpose, with space on and around the main gate to hold miniatures, this is an essential addition to any Warhammer fan’s collection. You’ll find a Warscroll in the box containing all the necessary rules for playing a game with this scenery immediately – just unbox and start playing!


Ophidian Archway $40

Home to myriad slumbering magicks and restless, unquiet spirits, the Ophidian Archway is a virtually-forgotten relic of the Age of Myth whose serpentine carvings appear to writhe, twist and contort in the shadows. Legends state that anyone passing through the archway with even the merest hint of trepidation will be immediately struck down, their images added to its graven walls.

This box contains one Ophidian Archway – a highly-detailed plastic scenery piece for use in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Featuring evocative carved images of great heroes in combat with terrifying monsters of legend, this is an amazing addition to any gaming table, sure to be the centrepiece of many of your own stories in the realms. Designed with modularity in mind, any number of Ophidian Archways can be combined to create huge, interlocking scenery pieces that will impress and awe anyone who sees them. A Warscroll is included, with full rules – unbox and play immediately!






So, we are on week 3 of Age of Sigmar – who’s buying what?




Author: Larry Vela
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