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New Art SIGHTED – Age of Sigmar

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Jul 02

warhammer age of sigmar LOGO

As if this new release wasn’t hot enough, checkout the HOT new art and miniatures for the AGE of SIGMAR!

via Atia (twitter) 7-2-2015

Looks like what appears to be more White Dwarf and starter box images.

11693974_504859109671467_7061356289483609755_n (1)

2015-07-02_0956_001 2015-07-02_0956 2015-07-02_0955

Wow amazing super inspiring art and a great shot of the paint schemes of some of Sigmar’s finest!

2015-07-02_1011_001 2015-07-02_1011

These guys appear to be some sort of undead perhaps in servitude to Nagash still. They bear the livery of what looks like Bretonnia from a past life?



The stage seems to be set for a BIG release of the new Age of Sigmar. What do you say we grab those square bases and give it a try folks?

Age of Sigmar Roundup

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