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Plastic Heresy Sprues – GW Reinvents the RTB01 Set!

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Jul 27 2015



These Plastic Heresy Sprues look AMAZING – GW had some very good inspiration 27 years ago – the Original RTB01 Space Marines:


In 1988 Jes Goodwin, Aly Morrison and Bob Naismith produced a set of minatures that catapulted then small Games Workshop into the Grimdark and defined the iconic Space Marines for the world. The Iconic plastic RTB-01 plastic set was released!



Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you – £9.99 got you 30 plastic Space Marines!  Now feast your eyes on the sprues.  The Missile Launchers, the Mk VI Corvus suits (the “normal Mk.VII Marine, came waaaaay later), the funky flamers, the bayonets everywhere, the riveted shoulderpads, and all the little pouches and bits to glue on.  Rogue Trader gamers were in hog heaven!


RTB01-SprueA RTB01-SprueB RTB01-SprueC




Fast forward 27 years and we see sprues of plastic Horus Heresy Space Marines. While there are certainly a bunch of differences,  There are enough similarities that the new models really feel to me like the if not literal – spiritual successors to that original RTB-01 kit, all gussied up for a new generation of eager Grimdark gamers.  From the missile launchers, to the Mk IV armor (like Mk. VI still a forebearer to the standard Mk.VII models), to the flamers, to the pouches, the bayonets, riveted shoulderpads, the command figures – it’s all there.  Plus with modern technology, we get the meltas, the combis, and and more close combat options.

I am not exaggerating when I say that folks have been dreaming of these sprues for over ten years now. So on this most special day, let’s a take a moment to look back at the RTB-01s, and thank the work of Jes Goodwin, Aly Morrison and Bob Naismith who made it all possible!

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So just HOW HOT do you think this new kit will be? Start saving your pennies 🙂

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