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The Librarius Conclave – 40K Rules Conundrum?

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Jul 12 2015


Come see the latest rules interpretation that has some Space Marine players scratching their heads!

It doesn’t seem like a surprise to anyone that the new Librarius Conclave is good, but it may be surprising just how some players choose to interprete part of the rules for it.

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Let’s take a look.

unnamed (24)

Some players are claiming that this still allows the other Librarians in the formation to cast powers, but just at the end of the phase. But some are claiming that the wording seems to indicate that only one librarian in the formation can cast period.

So to shed some light on the subject we should take a look at page 17 of the BRB under the rules for the Start and End of a Phase.

unnamed (21)


That wording looks to suggest that you can still cast with those other Librarians, but just ‘at the end of the (Psychic) phase’.  However you gotta admit the Empyric Channeling is not really worded the way some other ‘phase triggered’ rules are.

For example checkout these rules that trigger in a similar fashion, however are worded completely different that the Librarius Conclave’s rules.

unnamed (23) unnamed (22)

I think I can see where there’s some room for confusion once you go though all these rules, trying to ascertain IF and when the remaining Librarians in this formation can cast powers.

So what’s YOUR call here- yeah or nay to the other casters being able to sling spells in the Psychic Phase?

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