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CONFIRMED – Age of Sigmar Expansion, Skaven & Khorne

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Aug 4 2015



Another BIG campaign book and some “bad guy” releases are on the way this week, come see the latest for Age of Sigmar!


Well, that pretty much confirms “The Quest for Ghal Maraz” (via GW website)


Looks like there is still some excitement left in the Age of Sigmar release still.

8-4-2015 Via Faeit

  • New Book Quest For Ghal Maraz Book $74
  • Limited Edition Version $150
  • Khorne Blood Reavers $58
  • Skaven Plague Monks (repackage?) $35
  • Skaven Plague Furance (repackage?) $62
  • Skaven Pestilens Plague Furnace (repackage?) $33
  • Plague Priest (finecast?)$15
  • Plague Censor Bearers (finecast?) $13

Looks like another 264 page supplement book is on the way again. Question is, will GW turn this into a continuing ‘end times’ theme OR is this just some temporary rules releases.  I like that you can get the warscrolls for free for now, but I feel like a lot of folks out there are not down to have to buy new miniatures and a new rulebook each month to play a new game.


Personally I hope this 40k-esque rapid release does not stymie the growth of this new fantastic game!

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