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GEEKERY: 1/6th Scale Millenium Falcon!!!

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Aug 20 2015

Ever wonder what playing x-wing on a football field might look like?

Hot Toys would like to give you an idea… they debuted this 1/6 scale Falcon at Games Hong Kong. This bad boy is 18 feet long by 12 feet wide, and has working interior lights. It’s closer to a film miniature than a toy. Those Storm Troopers are 12″ tall.


They aren’t introducing the full ship to the market, but there are plans to sell the cockpit as a stand alone.


Note the TIE fighters in the back…

1/6 scale TIE

There’s a thought that they may market them in limited numbers… take note if you have a lonely spot in your house that could use an Imperial touch 🙂


I know the community mainly collects at 28mm… but, you cannot deny that these big toys are friggin’ awesome!

If you had the space and, let’s be honest, spare cash to buy a 1/6 scale TIE or X-Wing… would you?

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